One the food supplement which attract attention seriously in last days. Because of this reason many people research about collagen sales points. When it is called collagen sales point; the first places that spring to mind are the chemist’s and online platforms. Previously the traditional marketing methodologies were preferred and by this reason the continuation of the process was on the chemist’s and pharmacists. But in last days a huge increase can be seen on purchases from the internet. Especially because of Covid-19 pandemic, most of the individuals do not want to go out from their homes for buying anything.  So this situation caused many new generation trading methods. The consumers who are researching about collagen sales points can see many different brands in every kind of marketplace which are traditional or online.


1. General information about collagen

Collagen is a protein type which is indigenous in human body. The second important general information about collagen is that it decreases with biologically increasing age. This decrease starts after about late in age 20s. after 20s, collagen synthesis decrease approximately 1.5 percent every year. It should be noted that the collagen synthesis resources are only the ones which have animal origin. Collagen peptide can be used in human body which is gained from chicken, fish and/or beef after some chemical activities in the body. In collagen production, the parts of bones, skin and cartilage first been converted to gelatin. Gelatin is a common product which is used in food sector but this material cannot be digested in human body. So in the second part of collagen production, gelatin should be processed enzymatic hydrolysis. With this process the molecular weight can be decreased about 1 Dalton which can be digested by the body.  The dully legislated collagen products in the market are all in the peptide form which can be digested. By this reason the products which have registration code from the related ministry should be chosen by the customers. It should be noted that the legally permitted collagen sales point should be chosen.

2. How collagen can be produced?

While examining how collagen can be produced question, let’s first remember the possible resources. The collagen can only be produced animal origin resources as fish, chicken and beef. In some places, it can be produced from pork but it is forbidden to sell or import it in our country so cannot be found. In collagen production, the parts of bones, skin and cartilage first been converted to gelatin. And then gelatin should be processed enzymatic hydrolysis to be converted to peptide form. With these processes the product can be used by human and more importantly it can be digested. This process is the key point of the answer of the question how collagen can be produced. The marketing can be as collagen, or with vitamin additives according to the preference of the consumers and producers. The consumers can reach to the products from the collagen sales point he/she preferred. Different brands have different products which have different specifications.


3. What are the collagen resources?

In recent years new researches have done about getting collagen from herbal resources. But when it is asked what are the collagen resources, today only the animal origin resources can be the answer. Fish, chicken and beef are the most common collagen peptide products. It can be produced from pork in some places of the world but it is forbidden to sell in Turkey. By this reason, if the legal products would be preferred; no problems would be faced. For not facing pork origin collagen; the products should be selected which are approved from the ministry. Also the products must be purchased from legal organizations against invoice. We all reach your products with those conditions because we are an organization which includes those details as a collagen sales point.

4. Collagen sales point

In these days there is an increase in collagen sales points. Collagen is a supplement which has been very popular in recent years so many new companies have entered to the market. Not too many, in last one-year tens of new firms entered to the sector. Most of them have started to sell their products via chemists. But also electronic trade is very popular too. Especially because of Covid Pandemic, the customers have started to show interest to online platforms.  By these reasons it is possible to reach to sellers from any way. The product should be purchased from legal firms and the products should be bought which have permission approval code from Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. While researching alternative options about collagen sales point, please keep in mind these conditions. Otherwise you may have problems.


5. Qualified collagen sales points

At the end it can be said that there are many products in the market. It is important for consumers to select qualified collagen sales points. If you are asking which are the qualified collagen sales points, it can be said that all the firms which have ministry certified. Also you should choose the firms which have legal activity standards. While researching about alternative collagen sales point, buying invoiced product is a necessity. So please ask for it during the shopping. If you would not take it, you cannot allege anything if you have any problem. If you be careful about these points, the last thing would be to choose the suitable product according to your needing. If it is needed; collagen products can be preferred with vitamin additions. Aroma, weight and additions are all the consumers’ choices. But it should be noted that daily dose must be 8 or 10 grams. Also expire date and information of the firm are also important. For more information, you can visit the products page.